Rare breed woolly pigs arrive at Fairytale Farm

New pigs

Fairytale Farm has welcomed its newest and most unusual arrival: three rare breed woolly pigs.

Owner Nick Laister comments: "Our three new girls are already a favourite with our staff because they are so gorgeous. With thick, woolly coats and huge floppy ears, you might be forgiven for thinking that they are sheep from a distance. But they are in fact a very rare breed of pig called Mangalitsa! They have got to be the most attractive breed of pig in the world and I think our visitors are going to fall in love with them as quickly as our staff."

Mangalitsa pigs are a very rare Hungarian breed that are unusual because they grow a thick, woolly coat similar to that of a sheep.

Nick continues: "As recently as 1993, the Mangalitsa breed was threatened with extinction, with the total worldwide population down to less than 150 sows. Thanks to a small group of dedicated breeders in Hungary, the Mangalitsa was brought back from the verge of extinction and there are now 7 female lines in the UK. We are therefore very proud to have these three beautiful girls at Fairytale Farm and we are sure that our visitors will love meeting them as they walk around our expanding animal area."

The pigs can now be seen at the Farm, which is open every day until 30th October.

News item added 10 July 2016

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