Katie joins Fairytale Farm

altKatie Butler has joined Fairytale Farm as our head animal keeper. Katie lives in Chipping Norton and is passionate about animals. She has been helping us for several months now and we were delighted when she said she wanted to come on board with the project.

When opened, Fairytale Farm will include alpacas, rheas, goats, pigs, chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs. Although our collection is still small, it is growing steadily and we hope to have our full collection of animals when we open next year.

Katie is also working with owners Nick and Nicola Laister on planning the animal areas for the farm. With Katie's help, we have just placed an order for a new pig ark for our two pigs Aston and Martin, and a planning application has been submitted for an animal feed store and animal handling shelters. The first fencing for the animal enclosures should start going up in the next two weeks (fencing for our rheas and pigs) and before the park opens we will be installing a water supply for visitors to wash their hands and to save Katie having to walk 500 metres between the current water supply (next to the stables) and the animal paddocks!

All at Fairytale Farm wish Katie well in her new role.

News item added: 25 September 2011

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