Volunteer wanted to help with animals

altFairytale Farm has a growing collection of animals, the latest of which are our two very shy baby ponies (pictured right, and see news report below).

We are looking for volunteers who can help us with some of the basic jobs, such as feeding and cleaning out our animals. As well as our two beautiful foals, we have two pigs, two rheas, several rabbits and lots of chickens, and our collection is growing all the time.

Until Fairytale Farm opens next year we do not have any money coming into the operation, so are unable to pay our animal keepers. However, when we do open, and if you like working with our animals, it may be possible for you to stay on as a paid member of staff.

Our existing head animal keeper, Katie, is only able to work for two days a week for the next few months, so we need one or more people to take over on the days when she is not here (up to 5 days a week).

If you would like to help, please email nick@fairytalefarm.co.uk, and be a part of the UK's first fully disabled-accessible tourist attraction.

News item added: 13 November 2011

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