New animals at Fairytale Farm

New emuWe have several new arrivals at Fairytale Farm as work on the UK's first all-access attraction continues.

On 29 February 2012 our new baby emu hatched. He or she will join our two rheas when old enough, but in the meantime is living in one of our heated outbuildings. We bring him out to play every day and he is pictured to the right running around a field at three days old. He is doing well. We are looking for ideas for a name, ideally something with a fairytale theme. Please email us at with your ideas and we will publish our favourite name here on our website.

On Saturday 17 March we took delivery of our two new pigs, Winston (Churchill) and Edgar (Allan Poe). Photos of the pigs arriving can be seen here.

For regular photo updates of progress with our animals, visit our Facebook page, which is frequently updated:

News item added: 17 March 2012

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