Mouse Town arrives at Fairytale Farm

Mouse TownA brand new indoor attraction opens at Fairytale Farm on 26th July 2014: 'Mouse Town'. This beautifully crafted model village is located inside a former stable building and features a quaint English rural town, complete with shops, church, houses, village pond and jail. But what makes it different from other model villages is that it is home to a family of mice who can be seen going about their daily business.

Adults will be impressed with the attention to detail in this stunning model town, built by craftsmen. Children will love watching our family of white and grey mice scampering around, looking out of windows, shopping in the butchers and cheese shop and visiting the spooky graveyard.

Such is the incredible detail of the model town, children are challenged to spot interesting features in the Town, such as 'The Cat in the Jail', 'A Penny Farthing', 'Cheese in the Window' and a 'Hot Air Balloon'.

Mouse Town will open at 10am on Saturday 26th July, and is one of the many attractions that are free once you have entered Fairytale Farm. It will stay open every day until 2nd November.

News item added 18 July 2014

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