• What is meant by 'everything accessible'?

    The aim is for all attractions at Fairytale Farm to be available to as many people as possible, regardless of disabilities.

  • Is this a unique concept?

    We are not aware of another commercial tourist attraction that has been entirely designed around the needs of children with varying disabilities, but which can be enjoyed by children of all abilities and where no booking is required.

  • Do I have to be disabled to visit?

    No - Fairytale Farm is an inclusive attraction, designed for all. Our primary purpose is to create an attraction that has been designed around the needs of children with varying disabilities, rather than being designed around those who are not disabled, which is the case with most attractions.

  • Is Fairytale Farm completely finished?

    The farm is an ongoing project and will never be finished. We are brimming with ideas for new features so please come back and see us again soon.

  • Can we bring dogs to the Farm?

    Due to the close contact with the animals, we allow only guide dogs into the Farm Park.

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